Linux Logging Software

Version/ Released Brief Description

adifmerg 29
Small ADIF-file conversion, merge and check utility written in Perl.

CLLOG 1.0.2
CLLOG is a German language HAM RADIO Log program (click to "Download").

Conlogv 1.1
Contest log program for VHF-UHF-SHF-Contests.

Contest 0.21
Contest is a program to log your QSO's. It logs on one frequency.

CQRLOG 1.3.0
An advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database. WinkeyerUSB support.

DBLog 1.4
DBLog is a logger program for Linux inspired from Logger32 and N1MM logger.

dfhlog 1.1.1
This is a simple Ham Radio Logbook, which can import and export ADIF files, show maps based in cluster activity and Maidenhead Locators, show statistics, print labels and QSLs, etc.

dxcc 20080225
dxcc is a small utility which determines the ARRL DXCC entity of a ham radio callsign, based on the cty.dat country file by Jim Reisert, AD1C. Optional GUI with a world map showing the DXCC's location available.

Gc 1.07
Great Circle. This program is used to determine bearing and range to two stations given latitude and longitude.

gridloc 0.6
Console ncurses based application for Maidenhead grid locator calculations

JL 1.06
Multi-plattform contest logger written in Java.

Jlog 4.6
A modern Ham Log program (written in Java) can run with Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.

KLog 0.5.9
KLog is a Hamradio logging program for KDE.

LinLogBook 0.4
LinLogBook is a highly configurable loogbook for linux.

loccalc 2.1
Calculates locator from long-lat and vice versa, and beam heading and distance between locators.

Log-Applet 1.20
This amateur radio log search applet searches log files on a server for a specified callsign and returns the result.

Lx 1.48
VHF contest cross-checker for EDI files.

phpHamLog 2.0
Do all your logging through any web browser. PHP based logbook script. Requires php4, mysql, and apache (other things might work, but have not been tried).

Qgrid 3.0
Qgrid can convert from Maidenhead grid squares to latitude-longitude, convert from latitude-longitude to Maidenhead grid squares, calculate the distance and bearing between two points and show a graphical representation of the bearing.

qle 0.0.32
Graphic QSO logger and log editor for Linux, written in Perl-Tk. 'qle' logs to an SQLite3 database file, has 'Hamlib' rig support and transmits CW through 'cwdaemon'. The 'qle' logger features as-you-type DXCC info, super-check-partial and dupe checking as well as logging of QTCs received (WAE).'qle' is aimed at rag-chewers and casual contesters.

QRZPY 0.12
Gathers XML data from (subscription required) for label printing and other output formats. Coded in Python.

QTLog 1.5
qtlog is a logging program based on qt and MySQL.

Roverlog 2.6
Logging program intended for ARRL VHF-UHF contests.

SCR-Log 2.0
Freeware logging and reporting software for School Club Roundup, an operating event held the second full week in February.

so2sdr 1.1.2
A ham radio contest log program that features a software-defined radio (SDR) bandscope. The program is written using Qt.

TLF 0.9.31
TLF is the first text-mode general purpose contest logging program with full networking support.

TrustedQSL 1.13
ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) system is a repository of log records submitted by users from around the world. This software developed can be used to convert a log file (in ADIF or Cabrillo file format) into a file of digitally signed QSO data, ready for submission to LoTW.

Tucnak 2.42
VHF contest logging program. Features: networking, world map, CW-SSB keying and more...

TuxLog 0.0.6
TuxLog is a log program for Linux. The data are stored in a MySQL data base. A call registered appears immediately the picture if available. The data can be exported in the SQL or ADIF format. Over telnet then a DX cluster connected become. In a window the Grayline is indicated.

twHamQTH 1.0
twHamQTH is an online call sign lookup progran.It uses a free XML feed provided by Petr, OK2CQR at his web site,,

twlog 2.9
This GUI program records basic Ham log information.

Ulog 0.6
Simple logging program for unix. Uses black and white ncurses interface.

vo1pwf logger 2.0
linux and windows versions of my ham radio logging program.

Web-Logbook 4.05g
A Webbased Logbook written in PHP. It uses MySQL and Apache and can be used over the Internet or Intranet.

xgridloc 1.2
GTK based application for Maidenhead grid locator calculations

xhamlog 0.4
GTK based QSO logging application

Xlog 2.0.5
Easy to use general logging program for X-GTK with rig control.

YFKlog 0.3.5
Console based general purpose logging software written in Perl with Curses. Logs stored in a SQLite or MySQL database. Award tracking and statistical functions, LOTW support, QSL label generation, and much more...

YFKtest 0.0.9
Console contest logger written in Perl. Supports transceiver control (hamlib), cwdaemon and a growing number of contests.