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W4/VP9KF Logger32 tips page

Version 4 has been released and is recommended. Visit full install and upgrade page on the Logger32 site for full information.
Latest information, support and questions can be found on the Logger32 groups.io Group [with 3,110 members]
Give your platform, Windows version and all other important information.
You can track changes by going to History page.
XP will not update some files automatically, as SSL (https://) is more fully rolled out during mid-2018. Windows releases before Windows 7 are not recommended.
By the way, I refuse to use Windows 10. I've been forced to, but object to the new cheesy appearance.
  Logger32 latest version number. Logger32 home site. Starting at v3.47 updates became automatic.
You can find further extensive help and advice on Logger32 at Gary (a beta tester and author of v4 help PDF) ZL2IFB's web site.

I don't use Logger32 on the air. [2021-04-10]
The single source (author) of code is a worry. One can't help but think the source code isn't locked away somewhere safe in case something happens to the author. Even if it was, could anybody 'unpick' it? Don't let that cloud your judgement, though.

The first thing is to go into Windows audio configuration and TURN OFF Windows sound generation. There is a good technical reason for this if you are using the PC's serial port for keying the transmitter.

The second thing is to slightly reconfigure the COM ports. Go into Windows Device Manager [if using Win 10, select Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Systems/Device Manager], select Ports(COM & LPT), then at each Com port, select Properties/Port Settings/Advanced.

Then find Rcvr (bytes) and set it to 64; then select Tx (bytes) and also set it to 64. Change 'Latency Timer' to 1ms [NOTE! This depends on the specific RS-232 COM type device, some have it and some don’t]. This will improve the speed of your USB/Serial devices and help eliminate CW stutter.

Some users report a stubborn (re-)appearance of a Logger32.chi file which is an old-style Help index file. This breaks the indexing in the newer CHM Help files. Simply remove this file if you see it in the Logger32 directory. You could start Logger32 with a script which removes this file before starting Logger32 itself. Do not remove the Logger32.chw file.
UPDATE PROBLEMS starting at v3.50.406
The usual update message pops up after waiting for Club Log updates to finish:
(note: in v4 you can set how long to wait before Club Log and Logger32 updates are searched for - I use 15s to allow Telnet to download the results from sh/dx/100 before starting)
Relax and enjoy? Are you being serious or just plain sarcastic?

The new version update box is shown:

When 'Install now' has been pressed, this message comes up:
You'd think this means you should run Logger32autoinstaller.exe somehow. NO it doesn't!

Go to your local directory for Logger32 in Windows Explorer:

Navigate into Logger32 directory, highlight Logger32.exe by a single left click. Right click and bring up the following menu:

After clicking on 'Run as administrator', UAC warning will come up. Click on the 'Yes' button:

You'll have to go through TWO cycles of this. Start Logger32, go through the above. Old version starts. New version is offered again. Go through the above process again and it finally installs! It's deeply flawed and yet it remains unfixed. I won't run Logger32 all the time with Full Admin privileges!

W4/VP9KF - CW keying hints

CW keying hints
  How to make your logging program work with CW.

The K1EL WinKeyer needs to have the correct FTDI USB driver loaded on the PC. Use Device Manager to confirm it is there and to see what COM port it is on. It may have changed.
If the keyer 'disappears', go into Device Manager, right click on the USB port and deselect "allow USB to sleep when inactive".
Download the WKxMGR software from K1EL and confirm you can talk to the
WinKeyer. It is useful to configure the WinKeyer, update the firmware and for trouble shooting. Note there are different versions depending on the WinKeyer you have.

Early WK2USBs had a problem of getting locked up if they had internal batteries installed and  the PC's USB port went to sleep. To unlock the WK2USB you need to disconnect the
WinKeyer's internal batteries. There is a firmware update that fixes this problem. If you are operating while connected to a PC, leave the batteries out anyway. Memories will be retained.
W4/VP9KF - some fixes for Logger32

Logger32 Fixes
  All software has some niggles, these are some easily fixable things in the source code.

Bandmap header shows 'M' when it should be 'm'. In fact, lots of the windows do.

m for metres, not M!

Request denied message error showed 'Mhz' when it should be 'MHz' (this has been fixed)

MHz, not Mhz

Everybody I've talked to recently (and the manufacturers) always use the term ROTATORS, not rotors (this has been fixed in some places)


It would be very nice if the telnet window had buttons and not just a pull-down menu for sending commands

It would be good to have the program version number shown in the status bar:

There's no way to change the order in which Logger32 'boots' certain functions. It always does (from v3.50.383):
  • Connect to telnet cluster node
  • Check for Club Log updates if date has changed (few seconds to infinity; only checks the date field, not the time)
  • Check for Logger32 updates
This seems a bit 'daft'. Surely it should be: Check Logger32 update, download Club Log updates, connect to cluster.
If just booting to check for an update, it takes 1m 44s* and (if one is available) the cluster node has been bothered without cause.
Being able (in the .INI?) to define the boot order would be a real bonus.
Oh, and being able to set a threshold of hours passed before a Club Log update is forced would be good too. It is currently when the date changes.

*The ClubLog update file (CTY.XML.GZ) is downloaded in about 3s, typically. It's the long extraction of the 'gzipped' file which takes time (and depends on your platform). The intermediate file is removed after use and the resulting file is a new cty.xml.
The Club Log update process changed from v3.50.396. It ran in the background (after connection to a cluster) and is considerably faster than previously. A yellow status box shows and indicates the progress made in changing files.
v3.50.397 any good work has been undone! Logger32 now boots, connects to Cluster, waits exactly 60s, then downloads Club Log update (if needed), then downloads update (if needed). Why the 60s built-in delay all of a sudden?????????
Furthermore, the update process is hugely faster if Telnet spots from the cluster are OFF. So, the whole point of auto login is defeated.
Surely it should be: Check Logger32 update, download Club Log updates, connect to cluster.
Why is the telnet client window wiped when you disconnect? Keeping data in place is good for debugging (like N1MM+ Logger).

It would be nice to restart on the same band as you were last on or one which you choose as a default. Without a rig attached it goes to .00000, yet the bandmap shows '10M'.

It would be nice to have band buttons (like N1MM+ Logger, but better... have them disappear when disabled).

Why, oh why, aren't new version releases announced on the groups.io Group and  the web page????

Please remember that the Logger32 code is written by ONE person and supported (website) by a group of volunteers. It's tough because of the vast number of transceivers, support devices, modes and versions of PCs and Windows that are supported. Some troubleshooting is recurring and is not easy to find in the ex-Yahoo Group 'archives' [lets out a groan]. Hence these notes. Some problems are difficult to reproduce without many hours of exploratory  time.

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