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W4/VP9KF Logger32 tips page (By the way, I refuse to use Windows 10)

Latest information, support and questions can be found on the Logger32 Yahoo Group [with nearly 4,800 members]
Latest updates are NOT announced on the group, ever.
  Logger32 latest version number. Logger32 home site. Starting at v3.47 updates are automatic.
You can find further extensive help and advice on Logger32 at Gary (a beta tester) ZL2IFB's web site.

The first thing is to go into Windows audio configuration and TURN OFF Windows sound generation. There is a good technical reason for this if you are using the PC's serial port for keying the transmitter.

The second thing is to slightly reconfigure the COM ports. Go into Windows Device Manager [if using Win 10, select Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Systems/Device Manager], select Ports(COM & LPT), then at each Com port, select Properties/Port Settings/Advanced.

Then find Rcvr (bytes) and set it to 64; then select Tx (bytes) and also set it to 64. Change 'Latency Timer' to 1ms [NOTE! This depends on the specific RS-232 COM type device, some have it and some don’t]. This will improve the speed of your USB/Serial devices and help eliminate CW stutter.
W4/VP9KF - some fixes for Logger32

Logger32 Fixes
  All software has some niggles, these are some easily fixable things in the source code.

Bandmap header shows 'M' when it should be 'm'

m for metres, not M!

Request denied message error shows 'Mhz' when it should be 'MHz':

MHz, not Mhz

Everybody I've talked to recently and the manufacturers always use the term ROTATORS, not rotors


It would be very nice if the telnet window had buttons and not just a pull-down menu for sending commands

It would be good to have the program version number shown in the status bar

There's no way to change the order in which Logger32 'boots' certain functions, It always does:
  • Download (for ~1m 10s) Club Log updates
  • Connect to telnet cluster node
  • Check for Logger32 updates
This seems a bit 'daft'. Surely it should be: Check Logger32 update, download Club Log, connect.
If just booting to check for an update, it takes 1m 44s and if one is available the cluster node has been bothered without cause.
Being able (in the .INI?) to define the boot order would be a real bonus.
Oh, and being able to set a threshold of hours passed before a Club Log update is forced would be good too. It seems to be 24 hours.

Please remember that the Logger32 code is written and supported (website) by a group of volunteers. It's tough because of the vast number of transceivers, support devices, modes and versions of PCs and Windows that are supported all at once. Some troubleshooting is recurring and is not easy to find on the Yahoo Group 'archives' [lets out a groan]. Hence these notes. Some problems are difficult to reproduce without many hours of exploratory  time.

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