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Universal Paddle Interface by W4/VP9KF
Ever been frustrated at other locations, or Field Day??
It just seems like connecting paddles to keyers and/or rigs is sometimes a frustrating challenge, which often means bringing out the soldering iron!
It shouldn't be!


6 pin male 0.1" header.
Outside 2 pins (right from below) - dot
Outside 2 pins (left from below) - dash
Centre 2 pins - ground

Picture of Bencher paddle with interface fitted
(here soon)
Shows you how to retrofit the connector

Picture of Vibroplex Iambic with interface fitted

Shows you how to retrofit the connector

Picture of N2DAN Mercury with special interface adapter fitted
This is because the cable exits through a hole and not in the gap between the paddle base and the table
(here soon)
Shows you how to retrofit the connector adapter

Picture of Universal Interface Cable
(here soon)
Shows you the cable with screened twin wire and heatshrink insulation

Consistent pluggable interface
Easily swapped for right or left handed users
Very inexpensive parts - male and female 0.1" headers
Fits nearly all (existing) paddles using spade terminals
Two mating connections each for dot, dash and ground - prevents contact problems
Standard cables can be taken on DXpeditions
Low profile - fits between keyer base and table top
Therefore, fits original paddle packaging for transportation
Far end uses 3.5mm stereo plug for most modern keyers
Carry a 3.5mm female to 1/4" male jack plug adapter for older keyers/rigs
It just makes sense!
If you think this is a good idea, convince your favourite paddle maker to include it as standard underneath their base.
Better yet, get them to include the interface cable with the paddle.

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