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STEREO-B position reporter (under construction, please come back later) 

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Use the following code that's written here.
Place the following in your cron file (only needs to be fetched once per day):

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/fetch -q -A -T 10 -o $YOURDIR/stereo.txt 'http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/where/where_is_stereo.shtml' > dev/null

[where $YOURDIR is the variable set to your chosen directory,  which is set at the beginning of your cron file].
Caution! Cron and command syntax varies between *NIX versions - the above is from FreeBSD.

The PHP code is located here. It can be included using SSI.

Q: Why didn't you calculate it from orbit injection?
A: The mathematics are complex and using the real STEREO site data seemed potentially more accurate.
Q: Is absolute calculation an option?
A: Yes, you'll see some commented-out key timeline variables for future use, if required.

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