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Software and a few other extras on this site

N1MM real-time to web
I have a real-time reporting system in testing. Updates occur from PC to server successfully.
I am now writing and debugging the remainder of the server-side code. This may be interrupted by my next visit to VP9, or it'll be fully running..... check out MM+RTTW

  RELEASED CODE SolMon v1.4rc1  Last Updated: 2021-02-09 10:59:53Z

  UNRELEASED CODE SolMonCA v0.01a  Last Updated: 2023-04-03 08:29:35Z

  RELEASED CODE STEREOB v0.4  Last Updated: 2020-08-15 03:45:20Z

  RELEASED CODE Moxon Calculator v0.1a Last Updated: 2020-08-15 03:45:02Z

  RELEASED CODE Power Density v1.4 Last Updated: 2020-08-15 06:44:20Z
  RELEASED CODE Pathloss Calculator v1.0 Last Updated: 2020-08-15 03:45:08Z
  RELEASED CODE Radio Horizon Calculator v1.1 Last Updated: 2020-08-15 03:44:51Z

Not strictly software, flags are available for ALL DXCC entities. These have logical filenames which allow them to be easily used and called from databases. Feel free to download the flags that you need. Please do not link to the files. Although my server can take the load, your recovery rate if you are using a large number of the flags will be somewhat slower than if you use your own server.

You can find a sub-set of flags for ALL Commonwealth Countries (including the modifications used in the RSGB Commonwealth Contest), available under the same terms and conditions.

You can find a sub-set of flags for ALL BoTs (British Overseas Territory), available under the same terms and conditions.
To download all of the flag files at once, do the following in Firefox: Right click within the flag page(s). Select View Page Info. Select the Media tab/button. Select all of the flag files and press Save As. Save them to a flag directory on your local machine. Your Download window will be very busy for a while.......

Notes: Don't attempt to resize the flags upwards in size. They were very carefully sized and editted to make sure that they look right. "Blowing them up" will start to (quickly) reveal pixellation that you don't want. Similarly, if you go any smaller you may have images that are just too small to render properly in some web browsers and/or video hardware.

Given the state of flux in the world, some flags are undergoing some arbitrary (temporary?) changes [Syria?, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Rwanda, Myanmar, South Sudan]. When these settle out, updates will be made.

Recent changes:
South Sudan added, Myanmar updated (blue to yellow/green/red), Libya updated (green to tri-stripe), Rwanda updated (to blue/yellow/green)

CW Club Call History files

These files are used to produce the CW Club Call history page at http://www.g4bki.com/club_call_history.htm
Files may be found at http://www.g4bki.com/call_history
Read file at http://www.g4bki.com/call_history/readme.htm for instructions.

  GPLv3 Released under GPLv3 Licence.

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